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Why we fought.

I heard Bill Cash speaking in the Brexit debate.  He said millions had died in World Wars I & 2 so’s we could have our decisions made by Parliament. 

No they didn’t.  World War 2 was a fight for survival.

My folks grew up through WWI.  They started a family during the Great Depression when the only work my Dad could get was labouring on the docks.

They listened to the radio.  They read the papers.  They read Mein Kampf. 
When they heard about the Munich Agreement, Dad joined the Territorials.  He wanted to get trained up for the war that was obviously coming. He’d known so many veterans of WWI who said a lotta guys died through lack of training.

In the Thirties, my folks weren’t keen on Churchill.  Thought him a war monger. 
When war was obviously coming, they thought he should take over.  Better to have someone who was “up for it” in charge.

Dad went off Churchill  when he was on the beach at Dunkirk and Churchill gave his stirring last man last bullet speech. 
As he said, “It’s all very well to come out with this stuff when you’re in a bunker 20ft below ground, somewhere in London.  But when you’re standing on a beach with your back to the sea and an overwhelming enemy in front of you, it looks a bit different.”

He came off at Bray Dunes on the last day, on the last but one boat.  Those pics you see of tommies up to their chests in water, he was one of them.

When he got home, he had a greatcoat and a 303 (short Lee Enfield.)  He brought the greatcoat cos he figured they were going to need something extra to sleep under come winter. 
He brought the 303 to teach Mum to use it so’s when the Nazis were at the end of the street she could shoot the kids and herself.

That’s what they expected.  Invasion, he’d be dead, she’d be made a sex slave then killed, and the kids would be enslaved.

World War 2 was existential.  It wasn’t about what form of decision making should be taken so’s some idiot could pontificate.

It was a fight for life !!  It was killing to survive.

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