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They kissed.

Looking into her eyes he said  “Did you know .... that sitting down we are all the same height.”

Her kiss jumbled brain tumbled.  “What ??”

“That from the seat to the top of the head, we’re all pretty much the same height.
Why do you think that might be ??”

“I don’t know ...... Why ??”

“So’s when we’re engaged in the act of love, we can look into each other’s eyes.”

She giggled and quickly kissed him.

“You don’t think .... ” she said,  “that it could be there’s a minimum amount of space needed for the vital organs to provide for the head and the limbs, so that’s why we’ve all got pretty much the same height from the bottom to the top ??  The difference between people’s limb sizes is relatively small anyway.”

“You ......” he said " Are just soooo cute".    And they kissed.

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