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Trump London demo

Yeah, that was me you saw on TV last Fri (13th), waving my stick in that crush of people heading towards Trafalgar Sq.  “Four legs good, three legs angry old man” as we say in these times that blend Orwell and Ionesco.

I was out there “embarrassing myself” in the eyes of Liam Fox because, while I acknowledge we must have relations with some dodgy regimes, I don’t think we should offer state hospitality to the embodiment (President) of one that is pro torture and and thinks good people march with the Nazis.

(Fox's remark is as helpful to his cause as Clinton calling Trump supporters “deplorables”)

I have exciting US news !!   Did you know ........ that the Chinese had malwared Hillary’s home server to send them a copy of every email received and sent. 

I say Chinese cos that’s who the site proprietor had named earlier.   Scepticism on attribution of quality hacks is always advised.

We wait to see if China will give Assange citizenship and a diplomatic passport.

Dunno if you saw any of the Trump/ Putin press conf ??   Trump didn’t sound like Trump, he sounded like the kinda people who’re derided as conspiracy theorists.  i.e. he sounded like a grownup.  That’s what talking to someone who is a grownup for a coupla hours can do.  (mebbe it was down to the tone of the interpreter.)
Inevitably,  he then returned to the nursery and is babbling like a child again.

More Beeb infamy     vid’s only 1min long.
I heard it on the late R4 news and subsequently the World Service.  I was incredulous, it really didn't tie up with what had gone before.

The story was changed the following morning but no connection was made with May going off and bombing without  UNSC resolution etc etc.  (No one drew the comparison but, her excuse at the time was the same one Blair used for Iraq.  It would be vetoed.)

Corbyn Derangemnt Syndrome highlight this week was Margaret Hodge telling JC he was an antisemite and racist.  (It shows how education had improved when I went to school as I was taught this was “word redundancy” and to be avoided.)
Bibi saved the bacon as, a day or so later, the Knesset passed into law "the right to exercise national determination in the State of Israel is unique to the Jewish people."  Plus a load of stuff abt a united Jerusalem as its capital and the jewish exclusivity of settlements.

Al jaBeeba continues hinting at more Skripal revelations, so prepare for further suspension of disbelief.
e.g.  If there really was poison on the doorhandle, it was most likely put there by the gloved hand of the individual who pulled the door shut behind them.  There is no other plausible explanation.

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