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I turned on the radio,  10pm last night  (Wed), to hear the news and the lead story was BoJo is to be the new Foreign Sec. 
I was incapacitated for the next 10mins laughing, I didn’t catch anything else in the broadcast.

An absolute blinder played by St Theresa.  The winner of the Spectator prize for insulting Erdogan, and who implied that Obama had a problem because he was a darkie, is to be the nation’s lead in dealing with shifty foreigners.

The one merit I can find in this deft move is that it may make my breakfast easier to hold down.  I’m having to have my eggs hard boiled for breakfast, to stop them from curdling from all the whining coming out of the radio. 

Every morning of late, the Today prog has had some some girl whining like she’s been in a crap relationship and now the boyfriend's finished it.  I’ve heard it from Angela Eagle,  Margaret Hodge and Harriet Harman. 
Harman said she was v.upset and it was all Jezza’s fault,  she described him as “devious”.  If there’s one thing worse than John Humphrys in the morning, it’s John Humphrys dumbstruck.    She really had him there.

(With the exception of Eagle,  the “rebel” MP’s they’ve had trooping through have been members of Progress.  Progress is a pressure group, aka think-tank, funded by David Sainsbury, a man whose view of democracy is determined by the line “It is a truth universally acknowledged that a man in possession of a large fortune is in need of a peerage and a Govt ministry.” )

Hopefully the new appointees to cabinet positions will present themselves for interview with less panic and loathing in their voices.

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