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I’ve abandoned the radio (no telly) this week but flicked R4 on this morning (12 Apr), just before 8, to see if there’d been any let up in the propaganda.   I got the end of some retired general saying Russia must be brought to heel;  some american woman from RUSI (a notoriously r.wing think tank)  saying Assad is a proven gas user and Russia interfered in US elections and must be brought to heel;  followed by the head of MI6.  I switched off as soon as they read out the spook’s CV.
I s’pose they think that’s balance ??

The only change in R4’s reporting is that the hysteria knob is now turned up to 11.

I dunno why they should be so blatant about it.  That alone is worthy of investigation.

e.g.  US Def Sec Mattis says no evidence of sarin used by Syrian Govt. 
Errrr ...... which is what Trump bombed them for last time. (Shome war crime surely.)

Obama didn’t cross his “red line” because there was no proof of use of chem weapons    (I throw in the Fox link because they’re the most likely agency to be anti Obama.  There’s plenty of others reporting exactly the same thing.)

it’s not hard to find these things out.  They’re in the mainstream.

No one on the BBC points out that Trump is not a rational actor.  Or that PM May is glaringly lacking in judgement.

OBTW No one has ever produced a jot of evidence that Russia “interfered” in the US election,  whatever “interfere” might mean.  Yet it is treated as a commonly accepted truth.
The CIA, FBI and NSA have “high confidence” in their judgement  that Russia would have liked to sway the course of the election but no evidence that they did.
Their Assessment ends with a disclaimer including “Judgements are not intended to imply that we have proof that shows something to be a fact.”

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