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I'm not seen at parties.  However, one August night the stars were in a certain alignment.

Sat night I went to a party.  That was a shock to my system, it's been a long time.  For the last coupla years I've been invited to party at this guy's place and .... hey, it's all too much effort etc etc.    This year I did it.  I never realised I had friends who had such relatives (the cousin of a chum of mine).  The host is really a passing acquaintance but we have a v.amicable relationship.

Kick off was 9 but I didn't set out til after that and got to the neighbourhood about 10.30. 
It was the southside of Blackfriars Bridge.  I rang Leo (the chum) to guide me in and he appeared in the street dressed in a tee shirt that looked more like a vest and what looked like underpants but were probably shorts before they were destroyed by going on him.  There was next to no muscle tone in his body.

We lurched up this little way to some glass doors and he pressed the button to summon the uniformed concierge who let us in.  Leo let the concierge know that he was going to enjoy this pantomime repeatedly in the course of the evening and we headed down a corridor to the lift.  Then through some door, which was the flat, then down another long corridor into the living(??) room, where there were a few people and a table of drinks.

I poured myself a drink and stepped out through the patio doors onto the balcony.


I was standing four or five floors up looking across the river, directly north, at all of London.  Looking down on a clear view of St Pauls just across the way.  And the City.   A clear view up the river to the west, Westminster and beyond.  Turning to my right and walking down the balcony, the view down the river to the east.  The balcony turned the corner to enhance the view to the east.  It was a corner flat on the s.west corner of Blackfriars Bdge.

Wow !!

I can only conceive of a better view of London being found from the flats above his !!    Wow!!


I spent the entire night on the balcony.  You couldn't help but have a great time in that situation.


My highlights were ............ reducing the co host's, clinical psychologist wife to tears when I asked her did she consider the people she dealt with to be patients, subjects or clients ??  I don't know why that should cause tears but it did.  She left the party for a while.

And she'd already insulted me by asking if I'd been a mental patient.  Why do these nutcases think that anyone who takes an interest in what they might be up to must've been an inmate ??  I've had this with two miscellaneous shrinks and now her.

If I had sometime been a mental patient I'd've been talking to her about my drug regimen.  That's what the ones I bump into have as their fave topic of converstation.   That or did she have 28p because that's how much I still needed to get a can of Kestrel. 
I can assure you their topics are all related to their health.

These whitecoats don't seem to meet their service users except in a professional situation.  It gives me no confidence in their judgements.  They should travel more by bus.



And ........... the final conversation I had with a girl.   She's Russian but v.fluent English speaker.  We had a v.deep conversation about I don't know what,  prettiness (she looked v.pretty) and Brecht.  And shortly before leaving, she made a date. 
As she was leaving, she told me she was a lesbian.

After she'd left, a coupla the few people still there came over and said how much they'd enjoyed watching :)     There is a primaeval courtship dance that we may do, unaware.
In the girls, they move their feet about and rub their legs together.  ( I dunno what the boys may do, I've never noticed. )     It is a lot of fun to watch.  Apparently she'd put on a great display.  I wouldn't know, I was looking into her eyes.  Whaddja expect ??
One of the guys had a fancy new digital camera and said he was fascinated by her rubbing her legs and had taken loadsa snaps and promptly showed me.  Yep.

Then I told them she'd said on her way out that she was a lesbian and we all collapsed laughing.

I left shortly after that and getting out into the street discovered it was a quarter to five.  The sky was lightening.  I'd been in there drinking for six hours. 
I walked home in the light and got in at six.  I was in some state but nothing like the state I was in the following day.  


And Tuesday, I have a date with a dyke.  If she shows.  I can't remember her name, I was in such premium condition when she told me, I forgot it straight away. 




Postscript:   Later, camera boy came up with pics.  I've put them up as a gallery       





As a well spent day brings happy sleep, so life well used brings happy death.”                                                                                      Leonardo DaVinci


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