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Obama didn't

And so old Hopey Changey leaves the Oval Office.   
I recall that at his election he had a sheaf of policies.  Close down Gitmo, get the troops out of the foreign wars, contain Wall St and get the US economy back on a sound footing.  Health care for all who couldn’t otherwise afford it.  etc etc.

They gave him a Nobel Peace Prize, as an “aspiration” I heard one member of the Nobel Committee explain.  Though I suspect it was for the same reason his election was applauded in much of the liberal media;  sub-surface racism and the social apartheid of labelling people “black”.
The “aspiration” was belied when he gave an acceptance speech so bellicose Kissinger would’ve blushed.

Obama did little but bail out Wall St in his first two years, when he had a majority in Congress.  Trillions of dollars gifted to them  (most of which ended up on the stock markets) but no prosecutions for malfeasance for any of the heads of companies that ran the world economy onto the rocks.

There were no schemes for putting jobless americans back to work.

His healthcare plan was watered down into Romneycare,  which has had so many admin difficutlies it will soon be pared down and, possibly replaced.

He’s persecuted whistleblowers to such an extent that, in his eight years, more have been jailed than in the whole previous history of the Republic.

His peacemaking has been such that US forces are still present in Afghanistan and Iraq, plus he’s bombed those two countries along with Libya (the “shitshow”) Syria, Yemen, Somalia (now with offshore oil) and, occasionally Pakistan.

He has run a global assassination programme with his extra-judicial, drone killings.

Guantanamo Bay still holds prisoners without recourse to habeus corpus.  Which, of course, is why it was set up.

He admits his and the previous administration tortured some folks but he’s not going to do anything about it.  No prosecutions of the torturers or their facilitators, so it will all happen again.

In terms of his foreign policy, Obama’s presidency has been lawless. 

If incoming president Trump finds the door handle to the Oval Office sticky, it will be because of the blood dripped off the hands of Obama.

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