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april 2017

As we toe the start line of the War in W.Asia, and I contemplate becoming one of the mutants lurching our way down the refugee trail that once was the M4,  I’ve been musing on WTF is Trump on about ??

So far I’ve come up with two possibilities from my personal experience, and both in a time far, far from here.

(i)   When once I was about to go off and become an EFL teacher in the Sudan,  a chum who’d been there and done it gave me this advice. 
“On your first day in class, pick on some random kid for no apparent reason and bawl him out till the entire class quivers.  You’ll never have any trouble abt discipline with anyone after that.”

I didn’t follow it but it is a practical strategy in an authoritarian situation.    (obtw  I never had any probs abt discipline.)

(ii)  For a while I kept the company of an incredibly exotic woman.  It was through her that I got my criterion for luxury.  An outdoor heated pool, with a deep end and a diving board and big enough to have a proper swim around in.  (AGW buffs, read it and shudder. lol.)

The chum at whose party we’d met, hearing that I was keeping this company, said to me
“The thing you’ve got to remember about these people is that they’re completely spoiled children who’ve never had to grow up.  Since they’ve been able to crawl, everything they’ve pointed at they can have.  They’ve been denied nothing and have never wanted for anything,  they don’t know what to want something is.   They’re not like you and me, they’ve never become adults.”

He was bang on the money abt that.

So Trump, obv qualifies for (ii)  as have a lot of other US presidents.  I’ve no reason to think he’s as politically adept as (i),  if he was he’d not have got as far as he has.  He was the counter culture candidate.
He’s a lot more BoJo than Machiavelli.

On the campaign trail he was often self contradictory.

I have no prob at all with the notion that Trump saw something on telly or the internet and thought “I can do something about that”.  That he didn’t enquire of, or listen to, any cautions on the veracity of what he saw.  He just did something about it and why should there be any consequences for him ??  Ahem. 

I do have a problem with the people he’s “unwittingly” picked a fight with.  Have you seen any of Hassan Nasrullah speeches ??  T’riffic analysis.  He’s the smallest player in the triumvirate of Syrian support and you really wouldn’t want to mix it with him.

I have a big problem with the people who’re unthinkingly supporting “The Donald”. 

During the elections flurry of 2016,  a friend wrote to me abt the Labour leadership contest saying that “Smith makes Corbyn look presidential which, unfortunately, neither of the US Pres candidates do.”

“The Donald” (aka the leader of the western world)  too often sounds like the village idiot.  The Emperor has no clothes but no one calls him on it.

"Be prepared, there is a small chance that our horrendous leadership could unknowingly lead us into World War III"
Donald J Trump

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