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I’ve been doing some reading since my summer sojurn.  First time I’ve been “bookish” for over a decade.  I’m currently in “The Slave Trade”, you’ll have to guess what it’s abt.  (clue:  it’s not a thriller set in Scandanavia)  I’ve just come across an early reference to the Jewish conspiracy in it !!

Y’know, I never knew the Jewish conspiracy was for real till I met the Nazis of the New Forest. It was through them that I learned the Russian Revolution (1917) had been arranged by Jewish intellectuals to create a massive, belicose State that would then be used to conquer the world for the interests of International Jewry (whatever that might be).
Fast rewind to the 17th century.  By the early 1600’s most of the slaving was being done by the Spanish/Portugese (combined monarchy at that time) to provide labour for their empires in the New World. 

Many of the (few) people at the top of the slave chain (so to speak) were Spanish Jews who’d converted to Christianity to save their necks and a portion of their fortunes from the Holy Inquisition.  Among the other fat cat merchants there was envy for a piece of the action, though it was a precarious business where fabulous fortunes could be made or abruptly lost.    As the number of people at the top was limited, the only way to get into the action was to slice someone out.

The envious began briefing at Court that the Jews involved in running the trade were indoctrinating their slaves in the new territories against Spain.  That was why there had been slave revolts in New Spain, the Jews were building up the negroes to establish a new empire that would challenge Spain.  To cap it, it was whispered that they hadn’t really given up their old religion.

The ploy worked and some of the Jewish merchants ended up on a Rouen sized bonfire.

So there you go, 17th century Jewish conspiracy. 


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