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Friday morn I had the misfortune to have the radio on for abt 20 mins of bbc news digest.  They covered the demonstration in Gaza,  and I mean “covered” not only as vaguely reported but also as hidden as to what was happening. 
i.e. they  mentioned the bald fact and the name Hamas.  No mention of 5,000 palestinians with bullet holes in them, no mention of 40 dead  inc 4 children and 2 journalists,  all shot by the IDF for standing in a field demonstrating.

So I went down to the demonstration .......  outside the Israeli Embassy.

Israeli Embassy Crowd Scene

Not a large crowd and compacted by the policed barriers, set up on the opposite side of the road to the Emb.  (Though it was more the exit to the Hilton Car Park than the Emb.)
Very good natured crowd.  I stood with the Frummers as I always try to do at these events,. not least cos they seem boggled when I tell them I used to deliver their milk donkeys' years ago.

I got asked if I could stand between the smaller chap in the centre of this pic

Israeli Embassy Crowd

and some woman, as they wanted to be photographed together and he isn’t allowed to stand next to a woman in these circs.  (I’m not sure of the details but I’m familiar with such proscriptions.) 
We had quite a funny chat after, abt me having to be his “beard” when he wore such a fine one, and I got given his card though I don’t know how I’m ever going to be eligible for joining “Jews United Against Zionism”.

Flags turn out to be of significance at this kinda event.  Who’da thunk it.  I had a chat with some guy who thrice had the police come over from the Embassy side of the road to talk abt the flag he was carrying.  A red flag with white lettering on it.  Apparently the Israel supporters outside the Embassy kept complaining to the police abt illegal flags.
I expressed surprise that any flags were illegal here and he told me there were loads.  His was legit but closely resembled something that wasn’t. 
I enquired who his flag represented and the told me the “Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine”.  My response was “Jeez, I haven’t heard of them since the 70’s, I think.”  and he was pleased I’d heard of them at all.

Here’s the police debating flags with the sisters /honeys

Flag debate

There was a lot of looking things up on ipads and phones (which appears to be a large part of police practice these days) and more ambiguity than argument, of which there was a great deal.

Biggest and best argument was some v.large and sweaty guy with a yellow flag with a hand holding an AK47 depicted on it and a bunch of arabic script.  That ran for half an hour and was still going on when the demo finished.  My PFLP informant told me the flag was Hizbullah and the organisation has two sections, the political, which is permitted, and the military, which is proscribed.
I gather the difference between them is in subtleties in the script,  which are way beyond the routine policing practices of the Met.

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