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My good friend Buffalo Phil was going west for a year so, to prevent occupation by pigeons or vermin, he moved me into his gaff for the duration.

Precipitating this event, a few years earlier he’d met a spiritualist medium.  Some old dear in the near neighbourhood who undoubtedly had gifts.  After a few cans of Guinness she was a charismatic.  Buff was intrigued and became quite involved, attending séances and learning lore and stuff from her.
She told him he had a spirit guide, a red indian princess and Buff began communicating with her and various like folks in the spirit world. 

I forget which tribe.  He looked them up and gained some authority in the subject.

He started collecting artifacts, feathered objects and stuff, and began conjuring spirits at home.  I’d visit and chat about it with him. 
I expressed reservations about the spirits.  To me, the spirit world is something separate of which we can know nothing.  To enter theirs, or bring it here carries unquantifiable risks.  We cannot conceive their motivation.

Anyway, we had plenty else to chat on.

Came the day and the Great Spirit so moved Buff that he had to go to the plains of the west country and live the Indian life within smell of the buffalo.  He took some sticks of furniture and I drove him down to the joint he was going to start from. 
We did some sightseeing and went over to look at the buffalo on the farm out there.  Like I say, he’d done his research.

Then I came back and threw my bag between the remaining sticks of furniture and began occupation.

About a fortnight later, in the evening,  I was seated at the little desk in the corner of the living room writing a letter when, out the corner of my eye I saw a shadow moving.  I turned to see the shadow of a hawk fly across the carpet.  Every hair on my body stood on end.

I have seen this shadow before, in a barnyard.  The sight of a hawk’s shadow had a mother hen spread her wings, call her chicks under them and scurry under the shelter of a cart, one eye on the shadow (as was mine) of the bird above.

There was a good spread of carpet for a small room.  Sofa down one wall, wooden chair, desk in the corner.  Plenty of space for a positive ID.

I got through to him the next day.  He was very “hey ho” about it. 
“Oh yeah, that’ll be the wooden chair.  It’s got (whassisname) in it,  I’ve been wanting that.  I’ll come and pick it up sometime.”
“Errrrr .....  yeah, but, like, you know man,   what about in the meantime ??”

He picked it up and there was no problem after that. 

But I mean,  a hawk’s shadow crossing the carpet !!

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