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I got a gig as a rockstar playing in a band in the south of France.  I figured I should take a wardrobe and that should include a set of leathers if poss.  Leather is v.rock and roll.

I’d a friend on the s.coast and his teen daughter and boyfriend had been very much into biking until their close mate rode into dead man’s bend,  as they subsequently named it.  After that they hung up their leathers.
A phone call confirmed that appropriate sized kit could be provided so I went down for a fitting and a social weekend.

The first night, the usual guest room was indisposed and I was put up in the top room of the house.
In the morning I awoke face down.  I became aware there was something on top of me.  Someone was lying on top of me, their hands on my waist, somehow pushing me down into the bed.  Squeezing me between them and it so’s I couldn’t breathe and my face was being pushed into the pillow.

Shock and horror, waking to being suffocated.

I sprang up horizontally, I dunno how, it’s a reflex thing.     I was alone in the room.

You know how it is if you put your hands on your waist, your fingers to the front and your thumbs to your back, and squeeze ??  You get little white marks from the imprint of your fingers and a sensation under the skin of where the fingertips were.   I had that sensation where I had been held.

I dressed in a state of confusion and then, up the stairs from the kitchen came the sounds of the younger members of the family loudly debating the protocols of their breakfast.  I went down to sort them out, wipe the beans off the wall, etc  and was consumed by normality.

In the afternoon my waking experience came back to mind and I asked my hosts if anyone had ever remarked about the bedroom being haunted.
“Did you see her ??”  they asked excitedly.
“See who ??”
“It’s said there’s a little girl who walks through the room.”
“See her !!  I woke up in bed with her !!”

Alternative sleeping arrangements were made for that night.

Coming back to London the next day, looking out of the train window and thawing out of the atmosphere of geniality with friends, the memory of that wakening came back.  I began to tremble all over,  my whole body trembling uncontrollably for about an hour.

Retelling it now, it still doesn’t feel good.

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