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I went down to the demonstration for refugees to meet an old chum who’d come up to town for it. 
It’s not that difficult to meet someone at the back of a demo when they eventually  understand which end of Park Lane they’re at.    sigh.....

So we swapped news and talked abt refugees and I asked them (him and his girlfriend) if they’d thought abt taking one in.  They said they were considering it but hadn’t decided.

When the demo moved off I left them to it and I did hie me away to mine own duties.  Arriving home  ........

guys combing bins

Dunno if you thought this kinda thing had gone down, seeing as I’ve not mentioned it of late.  Just the opposite, it’s processional somedays.
These two, by word and gesture communicated that they were Romanian and looking for food.  They’d flown here and it cost 50 euros.

I tried asking how long they thought they were gonna be here but got the incomprehensible reply  “1 E”.   

They were obviously fresh at the business cos they didn’t have the little trolley with a bag, which is part of the uniform / kit.
The younger ones, like this pair, are dressed quite hip.  The girls are dressed

The couple behind this guy, I’d talked to at those same bins a coupla days before I took this snap.  She was v.chic.

smartly dressed vagrants

They too said they were looking for food.

Of course, they all ask for money.

I’ve got loads more pics,  I’m sparing you.

Not long awhile I bumped into my mate from a few blocks away.  He lives in a low rise block, first floor flat with a kitchen that opens onto a small balcony.  He was incandescent about "bulgarians" (the generic term for eurovagrants) sleeping in his block.  They’re sleeping on the stairs when he gets in late night.  They’re sleeping across his door when he walks out in the morning.  The stairs stink of piss.  They’re climbing the drainpipe and sleeping on his balcony.
It’s been a hot summer and one day he left the balcony door open, came home to find someone in his kitchen.

The Council won’t do anything, the police don’t want to know. 

He’s standing in the street shouting to me that if he finds anyone in his gaff again he’s gonna take the kitchen knife to them.  I try telling him to take the rolling pin, it’s less likely to do immediately catastrophic damage. 
Discretion causes me to withold that if he loses his weapon to his adversary, there’s less likelihood of his throat getting cut before his pocket gets picked if he goes with the rolling pin.

Have another one.  These two are Bulgarians and there’s a third around the corner with the booty.

bulgarians scavenging rubbish

Note the traditional dress.  I tried speaking to her but her vocab was  “Bulgaria” and “money”. 
They were around the neighbourhood for a few weeks and I also saw her in central london with a shopping trolley loaded to the gunnels with crap, just like some regular mad, organised hobo. 
Mebbe she went native.

All these people speak next to no English.  Their words are their country of origin (e.g. "Bulgaria"), "money" and "three kids". They don't understand / explain, when asked, where are their "three kids" while they are going through the rubbish bins.
This year I've spoken to people claiming to be from Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Italy and Spain, though they are preponderantly E.European.

A few months ago we had a referendum on whether to leave the European Union.  Everyone I know had made up their minds, for or against, long before the referendum campaign.

This eurovagrancy was predictable back in '92 with the Maastricht Treaty bringing free movement between EU member states. It's all well and good when a trading bloc is a handful of countries with the same standard and cost of living, low unemployment and similar social practices. (not that we had low unemployment then.)  Increase the number of countries in that bloc and you increase the diversity of the above.

It's clear that many countries in the EU can't sustain their population. That the economy of the EU is failing.  Many of these "eurovagrants" that I speak to are looking for work, unaware that so many of the people I live amongst are too.
Some of them are here figuring they can make a better living begging on the streets of London than they can on the streets of Sofia. They're probably right abt that.

That's the situation in London NW1. I don't know what it's like in the other London boroughs or the rest of the country.

Situation report earlier in the year

Few more snaps for you, lest you haven't had enough.

Bedding search

vagrants looking for bedding

Bin inspectors

vagrants in rubbish bins

Mornington Crescent

Scavengers at Mornington Crescent

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