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13 June ‘17

Since Theresa May called the election, I’ve been asking people why ??  No one has a clue.

Back when the election was called, I checked the bookies and Corbyn was 20/1 and May was 1/16.  She had nothing to gain and everything to lose.

She then had a majority of twelve.  Very tight but just workable.  In the event that she lost a critical vote she could always call a vote of confidence with the rejected motion attached.  No MP wants the risk of losing their job and her slender majority should have got her through.
Only if the worst came to the worst would she be in the situation she’s in now.

Calling an election is a risk.  Power is exercised, not risked.  You cling on until forced out.

Putting aside that she’d mebbe gone nuts,  I had two propositions. 
First one that occurred to me was that, in her paranoia, she feared that the Cabinet were plotting against  her.  An election victory would scotch that.

Second one, that she couldn’t face the Party Conference with the divisions that were going to come out and tear it apart over Brexit.  The Tories must have at least the same divisions as Labour and probably deeper, they campaigned for Remain.  They’ve just kept them covert while the media have been all over  Labour.  An election victory would scotch that.

In the event,  I shouldn’t’ve put aside that she’s gone nuts.  She called the election without having a manifesto.  Nuts !!

Whatever,  she’s now in the middle of a nervous breakdown.  It’s not possible to have been her the last week and not be in the middle of a nervous breakdown.

The person who is to lead our negotiations with the EU is clearly unfit, in every respect, for the role. 

I blame the Parliamentary Conservative Party for this. 
At their last leadership election, they put up two candidates who were obviously unsuited to the job.  Andrea Leadsom,  who didn’t know her arse from her elbow,  and Theresa May, who had had a fingernail grip on being Home Sec.
Seemingly, they didn’t have anyone else !!

When Leadsom dropped out, Theresa May was foisted on the Party without further ado. The membership had no say.

Now the PCP's only recourse is to hire that bloke who was Diana’s bodyguard  for her.   You remember, the veteran who couldn’t protect her from a drunk driver even though he was sat next to him.

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