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We need to get real on Defence.

At present our army is a small, expeditionary force.
Our air force is inadequate for carrying out offensive operations against any adversary with air defences. 
Our most up to date warships have a one in three chance of their motors failing.

The world saw the combat readiness of our personnel when Wren Faye and Seaman Bean (wharrever their names were) were plucked from the Gulf by the Iranians.

The Yanks are still moaning that we couldn’t hold Helmend or Basra.  See also Chilcott for the latter

The next war will be fought through the air.
We have no air defences. No batteries of missiles in the Orkneys, around Meridan, or on the Channel Islands.
Our defence strategy lies at the frontiers of NATO and it’s unreasonable to think that the Poles, or whoever, are going to think about saving our skins when the blips appear on the radar.  They’re going to be busy thinking abt saving their own.

For the last fifty years our defence strategy has been to create the illusion to the British public that we have a defensive capability whilst Governments have made savings by degrading the armed forces.

We need to get real on Defence and what we mean by it.  At present we cannot defend the British Isles.

We have learned nothing from Iraq.  We were driven from Iraq by lightly armed militias who knew their weapons, knew their neighbours and knew their country. 

We could create a national defence force. 
We could have a scheme where everyone between the ages 20 to 35 could volunteer to do eleven months military training.  They would be paid the minimum wage, plus all found, plus whatever benefits they were eligible for. 

Men and women would receive the same training though they’d train seperately to remove the sexual dynamic.

They would do six weeks basic training and the rest of their time would be spent camping around the country, learning survival techniques.  Learning how to recognise and use strategic points in the rural and urban landscape. They’d learn the use of arms, how to make and disable IED’s, pre-electronic communication techniques. 
They’d also learn how to work together and become physically fit. 

In subsequent years there’d be refresher weekends to keep people honed and up to speed on techniques.

Following training, local clubs could be established where scheme veterans could meet, workout or train together, hold events etc and generally socialise.

If we trained 100,000 people a year, in ten years we’d have a million people trained in survival and guerrilla techniques, fit and able to defend their country and bound together by the experience of their training.
And the ball park cost would be around £3 billion a year.  Half the expense of our (Trident) suicide weapon.

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