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You didn’t have to be Nostradamus to see that torture would be back on the American agenda.  It was part of the Obama valedictory at tubbytowntales.

Trump is half right abt torture working, though wrong in that he doesn’t understand the purpose of torture.

His “half right” is illustrated by the confessions of Khalid Sheik Mohammed who, tortured beyond even the recommendations of the CIA torture manual ( see Dianne Feinstein’s report),  confessed to everything from the Northern Bank robbery to the poisoning of Sleeping Beauty.   
The fact he confessed to 9/11 under torture is why they can’t charge him with anything. 

Torture is effective as a means of getting a confession, though for the sake of accuracy it’s best if you have the confession written out in advance and the “tortured” just puts a signature of some sort at the bottom.

The purpose of torture isn’t to get information or a confession, it’s to terrify the populace into submission.  It’s effective at that too, in the short term. 
A few broken bodies at the bridge or the crossroads does wonders for local subservience,  though  people do bear a grudge over what they perceive as injustice and it can store up trouble for the future. 

As he’s in such a 15th century mood,  I look forward to Trump reviving witch burning.  Witchcraft’s never gone away and it’s about time someone did something  serious about it.  Bonfires are always a popular spectacle and draw large crowds.  The witches' oaths from the pyre used to be particularly enjoyed.

The British PM,  Theresa May is shortly to meet President Trump to discuss future trade.  It’ll be interesting to see what she comes back with and how much she will have to amend human rights legislation to accommodate our “special relationship”  with the nation that tortures.  We might end up in a trading bloc of three countries.  Us, the USA and the Phillipines.

If torture is OK, when are they going to release the full set of pictures from Abu Ghraib ??

Abu Ghraib torture




"America is the only country that went from barbarism to decadence without a period of civilisation inbetween."
Georges Clemenceau.

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