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I heard Angela Eagle whining and angry that they’d had a brick through the window of her constituency office.  Is that all ??  (I hope it was wrapped in a note :)   Emily Wilding Davison threw herself under a racehorse so’s she’d be in a position to whine angrily.  Has she no sense of proportion ??

A few doors down from a friend of mine, in the East End, they got a firebomb lobbed through the window one night !!  Gangland attack where they’d got the address wrong.  Burned down the house.
Has she no sense of proportion ??

Before she announced her candidacy for leader of the Labour Party,  Angela Eagle’s constituency party asked her to support Jeremy Corbyn.
The day she said she was going to contest the leadership I heard her interviewed on the radio.  Her voice was utter fear.  If you closed your eyes you could see her hands shaking.

All she had to do was get more votes than JC.  What kind of a PM does she think she’s going to make if she’s in that state just having to get one more vote than the other guy ??

(Update:  Citizen journalism has revealed that the brick wasn’t through her office window but a window overlooking a common area in the same building.   Why did she tell falsehoods abt this ??)

Then there was the NEC vote palaver about should JC,  as incumbent,  have to get nominations to be on the ballot.  
Though the decision was that he didn’t,  the NEC didn’t come out of it well.  Not only wouldn’t they talk abt it in front of him but they even had a vote on whether, though he’s an NEC member, he should have a vote on him standing in the contest  :facepalm:
And they insisted the vote should be secret.

I’m against secret votes.  Heaven forfend, I’m with Churchill on this one.  I like to know how others are thinking.  ok, ok,  I agree that for Gen Elec’s some people are shy and there’s the fear of intimidation (plus the admin difficulties) but in my youthful experience of union mass meetings in the car park etc  I never saw any and it was the shop stewards who were under pressure.
And for an organisation with representatives, it’s important for the membership to know what the reps are getting up to.  i.e. “what are they afraid of ??”. 

Afterwards, there was whining  that, by wanting an open vote, Corbyn was tacitly encouraging intimidation.
As though unaware that he too is a target of abuse,  and to such an extent that he has a police bodyguard.  

NEC member Jo Baxter complained that one of the abusive messages she received carried the threat “I know where you live”.   Just how unworldly is this woman ??
“I know where you live” is a common parting shot from an impotent aggressor.  The authorised  response to it is  “Fine, send me a postcard with your name and address on it and I’ll come round and sort it out.”

To take public office in any organisation, be it trade union,  political party or whatever,  is to put your head above the parapet.   You should expect to have stuff thrown at you and be prepared to duck.

I’m still waiting to hear how the NEC members voted individually and why.

The “coupers”  are complaining that their women members particularly are vulnerable to threats.  The logic of this escapes them.     i.e. that they should be treated unequally.   Taken to its extreme this means that they are of the weaker sex and it’s best for them to be removed from the hurly burly of politics entirely.

The Suffragettes embarked on a programme of violent protest starting in 1908 with a brick through Asquith’s window.   Not a broken side window in an office building.  Not an obscene threat in less than 140 characters on Twitter.
A brick through the PM’s window.  I quote from Emmeline Pankhurst  “The smashing of windows is a time-honoured method of showing displeasure in a political situation. “  

It progressed into more serious violence, arson and bombings.

Through their campaign they were jailed, abused and force fed Gitmo style.  

It took WWI  and another ten years for universal suffrage to be established in the UK.   (Mongolia got there before we did !!)

The history of the Suffragettes is not a pretty one.    Nor is the history of Trade Unionism.

These whiners should remember how they got where they are and the mettle of the people who struggled for them to be there.
It’s their lack of mettle and character that’ve got them into the mess they’re now in.

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