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So I turned on me breakfast radio (as you do) ‘smorning (14 Jan) and, as it’s Holocaust Day soon, the Today prog had John Humphrys interviewing some Old Jewish Guy abt the contribution he’s making to an exhibition to mark the event.

OJG, a child in 30’s Germany,  is contributing the yellow star his mother made for him to wear when they brought that law in.  He related that the first time he went out with it on his arm he covered it up by holding a paper over it.  Then some neighbour saw him and told him he shouldn’t cover it up, there’s nothing to be ashamed of being born jewish.

Humphrys: “I suppose, after that you wore it with pride ??”
Sounds of embarrassed spluttering from OJG who tried to change subject.

I switched off. 

A few days before,  I’d heard Justin Webb, on the same prog, interview some US Neocon.  Webb said to him that Obama had set a red line on Syria abt chemical weapons and then failed to enforce it when poison gas was used.  The neocon concurred and they both agreed that the world was in a sorry state on account of Obama’s inaction.

I switched off.

This “chemical weapons used by the Syrian Govt” allegation has never been substantiated.  Read about it at Fox News or Russia Today, it was “not a slam dunk”. 
(Heaven forefend that Justin Webb should find time in his prejudices to read  Seymour Hersch. )

Anytime on the news they make reference to Edward Snowden they suffix his name with “... who defected to Russia”.  No he didn’t.
Snowden was in a transit lounge in Moscow on his way to S.America via Cuba when the US withdrew his passport.  Russia offered him asylum as he couldn’t go anywhere under such circs.  He didn’t “defect”, he was marooned by his own country.

I’m through with BBC radio news.

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