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Alien contact came up in discussion the other day.  What we should do in if an Area 51 event took place.  i.e. an extra terrestial lifeform and / or spacecraft landed.

I’m hardline on this.  We should immediately destroy both.   If any aspect of its existence proved indestructible, the whole shebang should be loaded onto a rocket with a nuke and a timer and sent far into space to be blown to atoms.  Preferably atoms of a different material and, apparently at a time before its landing here.

Our knowledge of the experience of alien contact is not good, in any sense.  It’s limited to the discovery of the American continent by Europeans.
The inhabitants of the Americas got conquest, subjugation and disease, resulting in their annihilation.  All to the accompaniment of the alien religion.

The Europeans got minerals, lumber, fish and the pox.

When you see a cockroach in your kitchen, you kill it before it can get back home and report the good news finding of your paradise to its family and friends.

I doesn’t matter how benign your aliens may seem.  Try living with mice. They seem cute at first, but it all comes to a sorry end when you find mouse shit in your cornflakes.

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