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I went for my weekly hosp appointment on Tues (9th).  I’ve had a bit of a ropey week, 
on 'n' off struggle to get ahead of stasis on the diuresis and daily awareness of declining energy.  I do a v.passable impression of a zombie at the mo, both in movement and cognitive function.  (the meds really make me thickheaded, this is being typed under the influence so enjoy.)

I figured that albumin they dripped into me on the Ward must’a been used up by now and anticipated they might do something abt topping me back up so put a contingency pack into my bag in case they did.  Few changes of underwear, book and toothbrush.

On arrival, at the weigh-in I’ve lost another coupla kilos but my blood pressure is down to less eyebrow (and pulse:) raising levels.  The bp, though not brill is, at least, a little reassuring.  My weight less so, I don’t carry much fat and that is allll gone.

On seeing the doc ... I saw another doc!!  I opened by expressing to him that great as it was to progressively meet the whole team, a little continuity would be reassuring.  I never get to see the same face twice. 
He responded as a professional, seasoned in dealing with uncomfortable, grumpy old men, that everyone was onside here and I need have no fears, coupled with an undertone that “I can have you thrown outa here anytime I feel inclined kid”.

We discussed my concerns over weight loss while being constantly hungry and eating like a horse.  errrr...  don’ worry, the weight is the bloat being expunged from my legs.  The rest is “normal” for my circs.  (Ahem)

Also discussed my blood albumin which, it turns out, has risen a coupla units rather than vanishing which is how I feel.  This is a positive sign and may indicate the genesis of a return of kidney function though the emphasis is on the word “may”.

Also discussed when they’re gonna start actually “treating” me and what the rationale behind their approach is.

The upshot is that they’re not going to start any treatment programme for a couple of months, or more, yet.         They want to see if I’m going to fall into the category of one third of patients who spontaneously recover before they resort to a diabolically heavy drug regime.  I see a flaw in this outlook but it’s good with me to be left no worse than I am now whilst being monitored for any deterioration in condition.  (well, for a while anyway.)   Particularly when the straw is floating by that there is some minimal kidney function appearing.

One prob I have with the whole shebang is that the story is different with every doc I see.           
e.g.  I’m gonna be able to function normally and keep a physically active lifestyle when actually they’re quite chipper to have me zomboid for the indefinite future. 

e.g. that I’m gonna be put on the programme as soon as the test results are in  (they’re in.  I’m quite hunky internally.)  whereas now it’s gonna be a couple / few months.     

e.g. they’re obviously much in the dark about what goes on in terms of cause and effect in both genesis and treatment of this “illness”.

Anyway, they’re so content with my progress so far that they’re moving me on to fortnightly hosp appointments.  I keep my fingers crossed that my kidneys let a little of all this fab food I’m eating  actually convert into a form of energy in my blood.   (I’m eating like a king ‘cept I do my own food tasting, it’s so yummy.)

Looking forward to an improvement in the weather.

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