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I did hospital Tues.  An out of roster visit due to Doc Nikki, last Nov, being disturbed when she got back  my test results.

Not sufficiently disturbed to interrupt her colleagues’ holidays, so unperturbing for me. 
My main anxiety was whether there was going to be a clinic, what with the Crisis in the NHS and everything being cancelled/ postponed an’ all.  All attempts to ascertain this proved fruitless so I put on my empiricist’s explorer boots, packed my sandwiches and urine sample and trekked over to W.London.

It was business as unusual at the hosp.  Hardly anyone in OutPatients. 
Not a long wait for the weigh in.  I’m 74.7 kg’s (bit over 11 ½ stone) and bp 160/ 90.  The tech looked at the bp and said it was rather high and she should check it again.  bp 131/ 88.  I offered her the best of three but she stuck at 131/ 88.

Less than an hour after I arrived (!!) I was with the Consultant, another newcomer.   I enquired if he was a permanent member of the team and he assured me he was.  Said he was doing a fellowship, which doesn’t sound that permanent to me, but hey.
He enquired if I was having any probs and I said yes but I figure they’re down to old age.  We had a chat abt why I’d come off the meds and what had happened since.  He was v.sympathetic about the side effects but concerned I wasn’t taking anything for anything anymore.  :facepalm:

He didn’t have anything to say abt why Doc Nikki had called me back (poor PCR for those who know abt these things) but was excited that I weekly “dipsticked”  my condition. 
I got out my diary and read him the logs which are, mainly I’m clinically proteinureaic and occasionally  wobble into being ok.   e.g.  last Sunday I was in the green zone but, in the interests of calibration, I’d “dipped” that morning and I was in the shit again.

He said great, keep self monitoring.  Don’t worry unless I start swelling again.  I pointed out that only people who haven’t experienced their bodies swelling could be so cavalier about it.  He said any time I thought I was about to go off a cliff on that, they now had a daily drop-in clinic and I should rush on  over.

When did I want to come back, four months or six ??   I hate when I’m asked a question like that. 
It’s like when I go to the hairdressers and am asked how I’d like it today ?? And I have to tell the snipper that I come to a leading joint like this to have some creative soul make me look sensational.  That’s what I want, professional discretion.

Same from a top healthcare pro at a Russell Gp hospital ffs.  “Don’t ask me.  When should I come back ??”
“Four months unless you need to see us sooner.”

Apart from a small amount of bloodletting in the vampire room, that was that.
Allcomers record for brevity of visit.

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