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Went for me Outpatients visit yesterday (Tues).   Not a lot happened apart from sitting around for the best part of two hours. 

At the weigh in I’m 75.5 kg  which makes me a ridiculous lightweight even with the ballast of a coupla kilos of fluid in my legs.  My blood pressure would be a source of envy to all were it not so pill driven.

Eventually saw Doc Jack, the nice one I’d seen three visits ago.   He told me I was flatlining in terms of recovery and should get on the programme  asap.   I said I was getting some energy back,  stairs aren’t so much of a problem,  and had days when I was kinda intellectually lucid.  
When I did have periods of cognitive function it occurred to me that I was prolly in no fit state to make decisions most of the time.   I’d rather sit it out for now and see how much my head cleared.   

Doc said, one of the things abt the body is its ability to adapt and that included physiological adaptation to being a pill fuelled zombie. 

We talked a bit more abt the programme.  1% of subjects get side effect of tremors or hairloss.         Talked about what would happen if I just kept on the way I was.  In three years time my kidneys would pack up and that would be that.      Apparently, back in the day my conditon was known as “Dropsy”.  So I learned something there.

If you follow such matters, he told me my blood albumin was 19 at the last analysis three weeks ago.  (I’m sceptical on this as I’m often told a figure that is different to the one in the report about the consultation sent to my GP and me a week later.)  When it gets above 20  I can stop having to inject myself against blood clots and move on to taking baby asprin instead.....  I can’t wait.                        For you, reading this, yours is heading for 40.

On the way out I donated another 6 vials at the vampire room.    Was “bleeding” one of the remedies for Dropsy ??

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