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I did hosp on Tues.

Walking down the corridor on the way in, I bumped into Sancho Panchez.  “Hullo “ he said.  “What are you doing here ??”
“I’ve come to see y’all”.
“We’ve just moved.  Lucky you bumped into me.  Follow me.”

So he led his knight and, with the easy rapport that makes his company so de-stressing, we went to the new OutPatients.  I checked myself in at the console and looked around.  An odd shaped room with slight alcoves off it, each big enough to take two beds.  It looked like they’d converted a ward.
It made finding a spot to watch the TV a little awkward but I read the subtitles to Antique, Auction, Hammer and that was enough telly for three months.

At the weigh-in I’m exactly the same picture of NHS health as last visit.  My stats make everybody else feel sicker.

There weren’t so many people in O.P.  I don’t know if the NHS has got on top of the problem or if it’s a seasonal thing  or the faint smell of paint but I got called in less than two hours.
A new face, to me.  Dr Kosta.  ( I think he was Greek but I don’t know why. Slightly accented.)

A short consultation.  A brief chat about pain, wherein he learned that his dept didn’t suggest pain killers to their patients.
A brief chat about swollen legs.   Were my legs swollen ??   Not for three years but they've felt like they were swollen for the last four years.
A brief chat about what meds and dosages I was taking now.  And did I want to stop ??  With the caution that if I stopped it was likely that I’d relapse.

I said yes, I want to stop.

He repeated that it was likely I’d relapse, sometime.  (said  with an air of “they all do ...”)

I said there was only one way to find out.  The logic is irrefutable but he doesn’t come from that standpoint, it’s difficult for him.  He starts at ‘prevention is better than cure’ and is dead keen on prophylaxis (if you’ll pardon my Greek). 
He's a medic in a world of medication.   It's a way of thinking.

He’d much rather take a pill to prevent something that might happen, happening.   It’s a safe bet he’s had a ‘flu shot and takes anti-cholesterol and bp meds.  His BMI is way off, whereas mine is perfect.  sigh ...

Anyway, he said OK and I should watch out for swelling in my legs.  He leaned over to show me where to check on my leg.  He was very big on leg swelling.

I told him it was cool.  I dipsticked my urine. 
He was aghast !!  He was in a dept that allowed a vulnerable and incapable patient (aka idiot)  to do something as technical as dip a strip of coloured paper into a little jar of pee, dry it off and compare it with a colour chart.  Lawks a mercy.

So he said ok,  keep an eye on it like that then.   (Big disappointment to the leg swellists)

He continued with his concern, asked if I wanted to come back in six weeks.  I said, if he wanted.
He said “three months then”.

He said “Get in touch immediately there’s any change”.

And I said I’d keep my fingers crossed.

OBTW   Apart from any debate on this “you should take the meds just in case” advice, these dudes aren’t having to live with the side effects.

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