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I’m having to inject m’self (yuk) daily against my blood clotting with all the junk floating round my system.  (I’m promised a near future of pharma junk, that’s what I get for abandoning myself to the pill popping plumbers.)

One of the probs of the pharm is that it makes me brain dead, kinda in a slug of Pernod straight after breakfast way, and writing becomes v.slow.  Handwriting for sure,  I spent 3hrs on Fri writing two pages to my bro thanking him for his recent expressions of concern for my condition.   
My typing is characterised by typos well into the dyslexia frequency range.  (autocorrect, grammar and syntax are Off :)

T’other thing abt my present condition is that I’m in slo mo.  All the albumin they dripped into me in hosp a few weeks ago must now be used up as I’ve little energy for anything and an enormous appetite.
I mentioned this to the doc at my last ( weekly) visit and he said yeah, sure, don’t worry abt it.  We’re monitoring it in that armful of blood we take outa you every week  and we’ll pump you back up when you drop into the red sector (dunno there’s anything red left in me blood actually).  Promised they’d give me a ring if it looked critical anytime.

I also hit on the doc that when I presented to a GP he checked my blood pressure and pulse and commented he wished his were as good as mine.  Since I got admitted to hosp and began to enjoy treatment my bp and pulse are stratospheric. 
Doc said that when I got to the GP my systems were abt to fall off a cliff and shortly after, that’s what they did.   Then we looked at each other as two men of the world who know that the professional opinion of an experienced clinician can sound like the excuse of a snake-oil salesman.   

Anyway, I’m not yet enrolled on the trial treatment programme, though I anticipate it can’t  be long.  Results are awaited from my CT scan (imaging dept are gonna send me a CD in the post :thumbsup:) and for the time being my days are orientated around when I take my diuretics in the closely fought battle to reduce the swelling in my legs or at least maintain stasis.  JFW          When it’s diuretics time I need the bog close to  errrrr  hand for approx 6hrs.

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