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I did hosp today. It's been a year since I came off the meds and I'm self monitoring between six monthly visits.

It was pretty routine, not least in that it took 3 hrs to check my b.p. and be told that I appear to be stable.

Stats:  height: the same.  bp: 143/83   wt 75.7kg’s (just under 12 stone, I’ve lost a couple of lb’s),  pulse 58bpm.  That’s after sitting 45 mins in O.P.

Renal OutPatients has moved again.   Actually it has moved back (I presume that still counts as peripatetic) but is unrecognisable, both in the changed space and the absence of tv.  Norra lot of paitents either, compared to the “old days”.
Waiting time remains unimpaired.

Eventually I saw doc Nikki.  A registrar.   I went through things broadly from scratch, including telling her I had to explain to many of her colleagues that my prob wasn’t my kidneys it was my immune system trying it shut them down.

I explained that I’d stopped meds for pain and she was surprised to hear of the side effects.  She was onside to keep “dipsticking” under the circs.

She said my last tests (6mths ago) showed I wasn’t perfect but ok. 
There was a new indicator for urine they were trying to correlate (TR3 or something) but they lost my last sample (!!) so they couldn’t determine anything so far. 

She complimented my b.p.    Thoughtlessly I didn’t enquire hers.   I’m not so keen on the top number m’self, but what can I do.
I said  my the weight loss was likely due to a change in diet approx a month ago that I abandoned a week ago, noticing I was thinner and weaker.  I gave up Dairy but think I suffered from the lack of fats.

We had  a brief discussion abt morality and farming, which was v.refreshing.

And a brief discussion abt my GP.  Every patient has a fund of stories abt their GP. 
She was particularly puzzled at my anecdote about him ringing me at 10pm one evening for a chat.  She kept coming back to it “But why would he ring you at 10o’clock at night ??” 
“Dunno.  I just assumed he was drunk.”

An empathetic consultation.

Come back in six months, or before if I start swelling.

Front desk nurses were great, as ever.  I wished them Happy Christmas.

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